Whether you’re a rookie or hanging in the hall of fame, we have a few tips that could help improve your game. Perfect your skills on any Volo City court with a few of our Insider Trading Tips, brought to you by our trusty Sports Supervisors.

Billy McKay, Dodgeball Supervisor recommends… 

  • Keep it simple. Avoid crushing the foam balls down to the size of a softball may help them go faster but definitely less accurate.

  • Silence is golden. The most vocal player is normally the one everyone is aiming for!

    “Remember the 5 D’s of Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.” ~ Dodgeball, A True Underdog Story

Kristopher Shea, Softball Supervisor says…

The extra throw is almost NEVER worth it. I’ve seen unnecessary/high risk throws turn into runs more times than I can count. Hold the ball or get it back to the pitcher. Don’t force something that isn’t there. Regroup and focus on the next batter!

  • If you don’t have cleats, go out and buy a cheap pair of baseball, softball, soccer, golf, or whatever type of cleat you want. Wearing sneakers to play softball puts you at a disadvantage when running the bases or trying to field that ground ball in the hole. Just remember, no metal cleats!!!

  • Always have a third and first base coach. Not everyone you’re playing with played high school or college baseball/softball. Having someone there to give instructions is monumentally helpful and could even win you a game!

  • “Theres no crying in baseball!” ~ A League of Their Own

Jennifer Rifkin, Football Supervisor says…

  • For football this season, throw it back old school and WRITE YOUR NAME on…. EVERYTHING!! Mom wasn’t wrong when she labeled everything for us. Everyone is bringing so much equipment to the field – gloves, cleats, footballs, flags, shoes, sunglasses, water bottles, left arms, marbles… That’s a lot to keep track of. It is SO easy to accidentally pick up someone else’s stuff – and SO easy to give it back when it’s labeled! Dust off those sharpies and get your names on your gear!

  • There is no such thing as being over prepared! Check everything twice – does everyone know what time the game is? Does everyone have their gear? Did everyone pack water? Does everyone have their IDs to grab a nice cold one at your sponsor bar later?

“Crabcakes and football – that’s what Maryland does!” ~ Wedding Crashers

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