Looking to get active and social in Baltimore? Look no further and join Volo City’s Baltimore yoga! Participants will gather each week for a super social, fun and healthy hour long yoga class followed up by happy hour afterward with your fellow classmates.

Baltimore yoga classes are held outdoors in unique locations throughout the city for all levels of yogi’s to enjoy.

Upcoming Yoga in Baltimore

  • Yoga FAQs

    What can I expect at a Volo Yoga League?

    A relaxing, mindful, and FUN experience! Plan to arrive at the league location 10-15 minutes before your practice to meet up with your new yogi friends and get ready for your Volo yoga league. Make sure you pencil us in for 1 hour each week. Once your session ends, the night is just beginning. Head to your sponsor bar for drink specials and a chance to meet everyone in your league.

    How competitive are the Yoga Leagues?

    We’re all about being social here! While we offer some competitive sport leagues, yoga is all about being active and social.

    How many people do I need for a full Yoga team?

    In yoga, we do not require teams! You can sign up as an individual or with friends, and you will all practice together!

    How much does it cost to join Volo Yoga?

    You can expect your yoga league to be anywhere from $49-$59 per player for the entire season. After you sign up, everything else is taken care of for you. Your registration includes league shirt, certified instructor, venue costs, insurance, prizes, league management and so much more!

    Don’t forget, when you sign up with Volo, your league registration helps provide free youth sports programs in Baltimore through the Volo City Kids Foundation. #playwithpurpose

    What are the Volo Yoga Gender Requirements?

    There are no gender requirements for Volo yoga!

  • Yoga Rules

    There are no rules in yoga! This league is all about YOU!

    Breathe in, breathe out, have fun.


  • Sign up as a free agent!
  • Come in comfy clothing
  • Bring a yoga mat or towel – and water of course!
  • We will have certified instructors teach a 60 min beginner class series
  • After each session, we will have specials at a local bar for everyone to hang-out and get a drink or a bite to eat
  • Click here to view full rules

Player Perks

Players registered with Volo City Baltimore enjoy player perks such as:

  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • League T-shirt
  • Specials at our sponsor bar
  • End of season free beer party
  • Special Sponsor Opportunities (see what can happen in our leagues!)
  • Invitation to all Volo City Events
  • …and other awesome Volo City member perks!

Post Game Social

We are known as the most social league in Baltimore and that’s because we care about the bar experience!

What to expect at the bar

  • Food & Drink Specials
  • Dedicated space & reserved tables for your league
  • League staff at the bar
  • When possible, multiple sports will go to the same bar so you can meet lots of new people!

Contact Us

For assistance and inquiries about scheduling, rules, and officiating, contact us at baltimore@volocity.org!

To learn more about Volo City, read About Us or our Frequently Asked Questions.