How did the two of you meet?

We found love at first downward facing dog, we met at Volo City Yoga on Federal Hill. Alisa was the initiator with the sappy pick up line, “Didn’t I meet you at a party last weekend?” Mike being very honest and showing complete lack of awareness replied simply, “Nope, wasn’t me, I was at the beach last weekend.”

Both Alisa and Mike went out to the sponsor bar No Way Joses with the rest of the yogis week after week, and seemed to find each other sitting closer and closer together sharing tacos, margs, and talking about traveling and yoga. Finally one night while walking her home, (Chivalry is not dead gentlemen!) Mike asked Alisa out on a date later that week.

Where did you go on your first date?

So the plan for the first date was to go to Bar Liquorish in Locus Point but Mike’s sense of direction thought otherwise and the lost pair ended up going to Shottis Point which ended up being amazing (both food and company wise).

We ended up staying for over 2 hours then went on a walk to the Under Armor headquarters for a stroll on the pier to see the city at night. Ended up staying out way too late, but we were having way too much fun talking about family and travel and food! And we were both already excited for the next date we immediately slotted for that weekend.

What happened next?

After the first date the relationship continued to grow with hikes at Patapsco Park, dinners at Zatar and Sho Yu Sushi in Fed. Mike introduced Alisa to NJ pizza, the Jersey Shore, and Bruce Springsteen. And Alisa introduced Mike to the Grand Canyon, tamales, and U of A Basketball. Over the next few months the we met each other’s friends, became each other’s wedding dates, and even took the plunge and met each other’s families. We traveled to San Diego, the Bahamas, Charleston, and backpacked Spain. After many dinners, hikes, travel adventures, bags of hot Cheetos, and headstands Mike finally popped the BIG question last August at our first date spot, the Under Armor Pier. With help from some AMAZING friends from Volo, Mike set up a fake Yoga expo to lure Alisa to UA where he got down on one knee.

We are very excited and are getting married this September.

Do you still play in Volo City leagues?

Yes, we are still active Volo yogis, softballers, and are currently playing skeeball. Alisa plays kickball and Mike also plays basketball and volleyball.

What advice would you give to any singles currently eyeing cuties in their league?

Julian aka Frankenstein from Big Daddy once said, ‘Initiating the conversation is half the battle.’ Strike up a convo and get to know the cutie you’re eyeing, you’ll be surprised how things can go. Volo City has been an awesome opportunity for both of us. Not only did we get to meet each other and how amazing that has turned out, but we’ve met countless friends, and shared great experiences with them within our transplant home of Baltimore we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Keep an open mind and always be willing to meet new people and hear their story they’ve probably got something awesome to share.

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