Winter 2019

February 10th – 16th

Can you help us hit our goal of $3,500?

Let’s do it, Baltimore!

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Play With Purpose

We play so kids can play for free! It’s what sets us apart. Where else do you have the opportunity to play a game with your friends, meet new people, while making a positive change in your community?

Together we make a difference, but there is more we can do! The need for free quality leagues for Baltimore’s youth grows more and more every day. The best part is, we make it easy for you to donate! In addition to the traditional methods, you can donate through Venmo: @volocity-kids, or online at

Did you know that 70% of kids quit sports due to high costs, excessively competitive environments, and the pressure to specialize too early? Your donation will go towards equipment, fields, curriculum development, referees, team t-shirts, and healthy meals for every Volo Kid! Whether you donate time, skill, or money, know that you are actively making a difference. You are changing lives and improving your community




For the Winter 2019 Season


What is the Volo City Kids Foundation?

The Volo City Kids Foundation provides free youth sports programming to kids ages 6-12 across the nation. We remove barriers to entry by making our services free of cost to the kids and families we serve. In addition to the weekly practice and game coaching, we provide postgame meals that give players and parents the opportunity to meet others within the community as well as connect with our volunteers. The best part? We make it easy to connect you with your community – as simple as Click. Play. Enjoy.

Since our inception in 2015, we have engaged over 700 kids and have impacted the lives of over 3,000 kids all over the United States!

Winter Kids Week Events!

High Roller Competition! 

The goal is simple: Get the highest score possible!

How it works: Players sign up individually. Each roller will get 9 balls to roll the highest score possible. The player with the highest score wins!

Only $5 to Enter – the player with the highest score WINS half the pot of money! The other half goes directly to the Volo Kids! Out too soon? You can do a re-Skee for $5!

Where to Play:

  • Canton – HomeSlyce – February 14th
  • Canton – Silks – February 14th
  • Fells –  The Point – February 14th
  • Federal Hill – Mother’s – February 14th
  • Federal Hill – Delia Foley’s – February 14th

Roll for the Kids!

Target Acquired!

Airmail Cornhole!

The goal is: Get as many bags through the hole as possible! 

How it works:
Players sign up individually. Competitions will take place after the last round of games is complete. Each round, players will have a set number of attempts to get a Cornhole bag directly in the hole. Players that make the hole progress to the next round! Each round, players are given less attempts to make the bag in the hole. Last man standing wins!

ONLY $10 TO ENTER – The last player standing WINS half the pot! The rest goest directly to the Volo Kids!

Where to Play:

  • Federal Hill – Mother’s – February 5th
  • Canton – Bo Brooks – February 14th

Survivor Flip Cup

How it works: Every man for themselves! Last one standing wins! Are you a one-flip wonder? Always the anchor for your team flip cup? This event is for YOU!

 Only $5 to Enter! – The winner receives a $50 Volo City Site Credit – Get out too early? Buyback in for $5 !

Where to Play:

  • Canton – El Bufalo – February 13th
  • Canton – El Bufalo – February 14th
  • Federal Hill – Mothers – February 14th
  • Federal Hill – Nobles – February 14th

Flip for Kids!

Can’t Make it? Donate Here!


Not only do our volunteers get to play and teach kids a sport for an afternoon, but they also get to play in any Volo City league for free. Yes, you read that right- FREE leagues for volunteers! Can’t make it to a league? There are SO many other ways to get involved! Everything from donating to participating in Kids Week events supports the Volo City Kids Foundation. For more information on what you can do, please see your league’s host, check out, or email

Participate in Kids Week Events

We understand that life can get crazy. You want to get involved and coach, but don’t have the time and low on funds? Once a season we dedicate an entire week to raising funds and awareness of the Volo City Kids Foundation. All you have to do to is play in your weekly league – we have events going on all over the city! Keep checking back as we update our festivities for Kids Week!


It costs us $125 to provide free sports programming to 1 child for an entire 6 week season- can you help us get closer to that goal by donating HERE today – don’t forget to donate to the Baltimore page so it count’s towards our fundraising goal!

Get Involved

There are so many ways to support the Volo City Kids Foundation!