5 Tips To Fantasy Football Success

1). ZZZ.. on the QB 

There is a ton of value in picking the right QB to lead your team to a fantasy victory. Year over year the QB’s produce some of the top fantasy points out of any other player. Aside from Patrick Mahomes (the dude is a freak), if you take the average of the total fantasy points from the next best 15 QB’s on the list after Mahomes each player is within 30 points (above or below) of each other. What this means is, if history repeats itself, Mitch Trubisky (ADP #145) and Aaron Rodgers (ADP #45) will end the season within 30 points of each other while being drafted almost 100 spots apart. Moral of the story, there is a ton of value in late-round QB’s. Stock up on WR/RB/TE early and get a top 15 QB in the 8th, 9th and 10th round.

2). The Do’s and Don’ts: Rookie Edition

DO – Draft Rookie RB’s  | DON’T – Draft Rookie WR’s or TE’s 

Each year a new crop of NFL talent enters the stage and instantly make an impact on the fantasy draft. New rookie superstars drafted in the top 15 of the NFL draft are enticing as you believe they will light up the score sheet. In reality, as history shows, even the top rookie WR’s and TE’s don’t produce big fantasy numbers until year 2 or 3 (obviously there’s a few exceptions to the rule such as 2014’s Michael Thomas who is now a first-round fantasy player). RB’s, on the other hand, have proven to be huge fantasy assets in their first year. Over the last seven years, we’ve had numerous rookie RBs steal the show, Todd Gurley, Jordan Howard, Christian McCaffrey, Leonard Fournette, Kareem Hunt, Saquon Barkley, just to name a few. This year, look for David Montgomery (Bears), Josh Jacobs (Raiders), and Devin Singletary (Bills) to step in and immediately make an impact on the field and on your fantasy team.

3). Higher performing offenses on the field = More fantasy points for the stars on that team

Might sound self-explanatory, but, when you are deciding on a 9th or 10th round value player, look at the total productivity of their QB and the team they’re on it, is usually a pretty good indicator on how involved that player will be in the offense. I would look for a player like Marquez Valdes-Scantling or Geronimo Allison in a late round of the draft over a player like Dante Pettis strictly because of how Aaron Rodgers can spread the rock around.

4). Practice Makes Perfect – Understand Your Draft Position!

You can never participate in too many mock drafts. The point of entering multiple drafts leading up to yours is to get a strong feel for your position. There’s nothing worse than going into the draft with a sleeper in mind and your buddy grabs them 2 picks before you. Do a few mock drafts and figure out who is usually around at each round of your picks, it will give you the advantage of knowing when to jump up and grab that stud sleeper you’ve had your eye on, or wait and let the player fall to the round of your choosing. If you’ve drafted in every slot from one to 12, you’ll be ready.

5). Pray to the Fantasy gods!

So much of your success as a fantasy owner is out of your control. Injuries to your star player, bad weather for a QB or Kicker, drafting a QB that retired a week later (not naming any names here), or the crowd favorite where your opponent has the best week in fantasy history despite you being projected to win by 30. It happens every year and it happens to all of us, just pray that it doesn’t ruin your season!

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