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Our Story

We started out in 2010 as a small team of 16 people who met up each week on top of Baltimore’s Federal Hill Park to play ball. Bocce volo was our first ever league sport, a form of overhand or “fly” bocce that we’d play on grass fields. Our mission was humble and intent: create a fun and active community that removed social barriers and made it easy for anyone to participate.

Today that 16-person team has grown to over 125,000 members across seven cities (and counting!), from grassy San Francisco parks to Denver’s snow-capped terrain to the concrete lots of Manhattan.  

While our name and size have changed, our core values have remained the same. We stay dedicated to always :

  • Treat people as equals
  • Remove barriers to entry—despite age, gender or ability
  • Create value for our communities
  • Give the same effort for a 10 person event as we would for 1,000
  • Choose creative experimentation over fear of failure





Volo City Kids provides free organized sports for the kids of Baltimore, Denver, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC

Our programs remove barriers to athletic participation such as gender, skill, and financial resources while bringing different communities together.

  • Teach team play through our youth league play
  • Connect communities by including volunteers from within the community as well as young professionals from Volo City Social Sports leagues
  • Invest in community building by providing post-game social events for our players, parents and volunteers, which include food provided by local businesses.

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